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Are You Letting Customers Know How Much They Mean to You?

I just stopped at a McDonald’s, which, by the way, is highly unusual for me, liking healthy food like I do. Anyway, I digress.

One of the women behind the counter had a T-shirt on that said, “You’re More Special Than Our Sauce,” and I thought, She’s telling the customer what they mean to her. That they are very, very special.

Customers want to feel special. They want to feel appreciated. They want to feel like they mean something to you. That their choice of buying from you means something to you. No matter how small their purchase, they chose to make it from you, and it feels good to them to know how much it meant to you.

Are you letting your customers know how much they mean to you? In every touchpoint they make with your company, do they get the strong sense that they are highly valued?

Here are some ways you could do that:

  • Write a thank you note upon receipt of an order, a personalized one (even if it’s a template, it should have personality and feel unique to the reader. Contact me if you would like to discuss this.)
  • If you are the owner, do you personally thank a customer who buys from you because they know you and want you to have their business?
  • Do your invoices say thank you? (As well as be easy to understand, with contact information readily available and ways to return products, your satisfaction guarantee, etc.)
  • Alarm yourself at some point in the future to check how your customer is doing with your product or service, or say thank you again with a special gift or card.
  • Do you thank the person or company who referred you to this customer?
  • Check our website Sincerely Susan Smith for more ideas.

What are some ways you express to your customer how much they mean to you? Let us know; we would like to share with others!

Thank you!


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