If you need a speaker to inspire and educate your attendees in not only the importance of customer service but the practical tools that can use to deliver a “wow” experience, perhaps I can help.  Here’s what Cope Award winner, Rick Oppenheimer, Vistage Chair in Lancaster, PA had to say:

“Susan’s talk was interactive with good visuals and helpful takeaways.  The value to my members was a good hard look at how their people are dealing with the day-to-day interactions and how to improve.  Several members asked Susan to follow-up about presenting to their employees.”


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Has Your Customer Become the Enemy?

Do you remember those early days of your business and what a thrill it was whenever you made a sale? No matter how large or small it was? Do you remember how excited you were to talk to a customer? How, if they were unhappy, you would bend over backwards to satisfy them and delight them?

After making a case for the importance of the leader setting the tone for customer service, as well as the ROI of good customer service, Susan shares practical methodology on giving excellent customer service when speaking with a customer face-to-face, on the phone, or via email.

Susan helps you to think of the “Moments of Truth” of a customer’s experience with you and begin to map them out for awareness and improvement. You will learn how creating and living a Service Vision can align with and enhance your company’s branding.

Some customer interactions are unpleasant. How do you convert an unhappy, dissatisfied, and frustrated customer into one who sings your praises? How do you have an attitude within your company of wanting to convert those difficult customers to loyal fans?

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customers “touch” your company in many ways… through a sales call, sure, but what about these? Your parking lot, your reception area, your accounting department when they call for a credit application or to collect on a bill, your website, your proposals, your marketing material, your emails… are you paying attention to what experience you are providing your customer at all these different touchpoints? I’ll guide your people to develop a Customer Experience Journey Map and then they’ll develop action steps needed to be sure your customers are happy at each of these touchpoints.

Hear What Susan’s Clients Have to Say

At the end of my speaking engagements, attendees often tell me what they have learned. Here’s a compilation of the benefits they shared with me.

Raving Fans

Concept is great and should be followed by all organizations.

Nick Paulukow – President, ONE 2 ONE Inc.

I enjoyed meeting you today.  Your seminar was very informative and helpful.

David Boylan – President, The Berks Packing Company

I think the mapping is interesting.  Brings to light the any areas of opportunity to engage and delight customers.

Dane Wolf – CEO, Carlisle Container Company

Loved it!!  So very thorough and thought provoking.

Mike Bedient – General Manager, Mission Nation Travel