In the summer of 2010, I began thinking it might be really fun to build an internet business. Naturally, since I had worked in jewelry for over 30 years, I decided on an internet jewelry business that would focus exclusively on hoop earrings, because it seems every woman everywhere wears hoop earrings.

I asked Ethan — a bright, natural entrepreneur and former student of mine from a class I taught on Entrepreneurship — if he wanted to partner with me on it. He seemed to have just as keen an interest in marketing as I did, but he knew more about marketing on the internet and setting up a website. He said yes and we started the planning for the business in 2011.

We wanted to carry a huge selection of all kinds of hoop earrings… those that have been finely manufactured for years, as well as brand new styles designed by domestic and international artisans. Our dream is to feature international artisans who are making jewelry as a way to support their communities and that way LooptyHoops can help support those communities as well, each time one of our customers chooses from their hoop earring styles.

LooptyHoops was launched in June 2011 and has been growing ever since.

Since our hoop earrings have become so popular, we decided to expand our jewelry selection to include a wider variety of items like stud earrings and cross pendants. Looking over the competition, we noticed a lack of diversity of jewelry styles, as well as inflated prices. We strive to have our jewelry to be the lowest price online and to serve our customers so they know how much they mean to us.

Smith Fine Jewelers

Smith Fine Jewelers (founded in 1980) with locations in Newport Beach, Irvine, and Scottsdale. In 1980, sitting around the pool in Orange County, California, I began to wonder what type of advertising response would there be if I hand delivered an invitation to employees inside a nice corporate park. At a young age, I’ve always been interested in marketing and advertising. So I had the location, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and I had the advertising method, now I needed a product! I was looking through a newspaper and saw an ad for gold jewelry and thought if I sold jewelry to the Newport Beach clientele, if it had a 14k gold stamp, they would like it. So I took my $3500 savings to downtown Los Angeles and bought a lot of skinny jewelry and laid it out for sale. I didn’t know anything about jewelry then, nor did I own any to speak of, but I learned from my suppliers and then from the Gemological Institute of America, and what was supposed to be a two week advertising experiment became a 20 year business. A love for marketing had me market the business many ways: Private shows on site at large companies and fine hotels, brick-and mortar stores in three locations, private jewelry consulting, and finally, on line at SusanSmithJeweler.com and LooptyHoops.com.   The Scottsdale location was sold to my brother Oliver Smith in 1997.

Susan Smith, Diamond Consultant

Every year, I get to help dear friends and business associates make one of the most important, and difficult, decisions of their lives. A diamond! Whether it is for an engagement or a special anniversary, I can help take the mystery out of what can be a very complicated decision. And at a very small margin. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. The way it normally works is we talk about what you are interested in, your budget, your priorities. Then I research various diamond choices for you. I know what to look for and I only offer GIA certified diamonds because they are the most credible grading laboratory and you deserve the assurance that the diamond is what it is stated to be. We choose one or two out of the many I research and I have them shipped to us to examine together. If we don’t like it, we will send it back but that rarely happens because of the extensive up-front research. After the diamond is chosen, I can help with the ring selection and even give some general advice on how to present it, insure it, and care for it. A complimentary appraisal for insurance purposes is included.

Working with Susan was an absolute pleasure. She answered all my questions and listened to everything that I was looking for. She helped me find the right engagement ring and wedding rings for the right price. The rings were finished promptly and came out perfectly. My fiance loves them and we will be going back for my wedding ring.

Mike Donahue

Sincerely Susan Smith

Sincerely Susan Smith was founded in 2017 bringing together the many facets of my life under one brand. As you can tell from perusing this site, I am an executive coach, a speaker, a trainer and an entrepreneur. Instead of passing out several cards, I now have one that ties them all together!

A Family of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship runs in my family and I want to share with you the businesses of my siblings. My brother Brad has a line of “farm fresh furniture” that he designs and makes. Besides his line, he is always creating one of a kind pieces. See his upcoming events where you can touch and feel his furniture or check out his line here.

My sister Cyndy Drue is her “own brand” as a well-established radio personality in Philadelphia. She also has a photography business and you can learn more about her here:

My brother Oliver, as mentioned before, has grown his jewelry business at a beautiful store in Scottsdale with a highly professional staff. He designs his own line of unique jewelry and carries an impressive line of watches.

My brother Leidy has begun a number of successful businesses, the most recent of which is an emergency outbound conference calling service.