Let's Develop a Customized Training Program For Your Employees

You probably have lots of ideas on how your people can give even better customer service than they currently do. Or maybe you feel like they aren’t hearing you when you attempt to guide them. Perhaps you have been considering having an expert “from outside” the company teach not only tried and true methods but also new, cutting edge practical tools to “wow” your customers and have them thinking, “Now there’s a company that gives great customer service!” If so, maybe we should talk. You and I could work together to custom-design a customer service training workshop that will inspire and educate your people. Give your customers those experiences that will truly differentiate your company in their minds.

Align Your Team Strategically for Growth

If you are a company leader, you probably like to set strategy on an annual basis. One of the most effective ways to get everyone’s contribution and then their alignment, is to hold a strategic planning retreat off-site and bring in a skilled outside facilitator. I’ve had the honor of helping companies in setting their strategy since 2005, many of them multiple times. If you would like to discuss co-creating a successful strategy setting, please contact me.

How Does It Work?

Your Customized Training Workshop on Customer Service

Together we will custom design the workshop so it is particularly appropriate to your company. Specially designed scenarios unique to your company will be used for all role-playing for the most effective learning of your attendees. Typically we will spend two 30-60 minute phone sessions to articulate what will be included. All workshop materials will be specific to your company so your attendees can deliver “wow” services to your customers.

Strategic Planning

We will sit down and determine your ideal outcome for the strategic planning session. We’ll discuss locations and a robust agenda. You’ll determine who will be there. We might give them some prep work to do so we will get the most effective input from them when they arrive at the planning session. Sometimes I’ll compile that prep work before the session and give it back out to the participants. At the end of 1-2 days, my goal is that you’ll have your strategic objectives set and your main tactical plans of action started. And we will make sure that aligns with your goals for the session as well!


Susan recently trained our entire customer service team. The time she spent with me preparing for the training, discussing our particular challenges, and customizing the content, set us up for a very successful training with immediate ROI. I highly recommend Susan for customer service training.

Caleb Morrison, SnapCab

In today’s fast pace world, a customer can quickly become a checklist in our emails and voicemails rather than a person to be valued. Susan’s presentation not only reminded our team of the customer’s value, but gave us specific tools to demonstrate our appreciation.

Matt Wilt, SnapCab

Today, at our weekly management huddle, Rose, our call center supervisor, told the other team members that her call center staff are already using the techniques we learned. She reported that they are listening to and coaching each other and learning the tools while having fun with each other. One of our staff came to me privately and told me she is enjoying being on the phone more because the calls are more positive for her. Bottom line, not only are our callers having an even better experience, but our staff is feeling more satisfied and positive about the work they do every day. That’s a win for our clients, our employees, and Dasher.

Cyndi Tolsma, Dasher

Would you like to continue to learn practical tools on custom service?

I write a weekly letter that gets to the point quickly that will teach you ways to give the best service possible to your customers. Feel free to share it with your staff and colleagues!