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Which Is More Important: Hiring the Right People or Training Them?

Fully trained and empowered employees have significant role in Customer Service Return on Investment (ROI).

But which is more important – hiring the right people or training them? Which do you think?

I think both are vital.

I try to hire for people who have a customer satisfaction focus and who can work within our value system. Then I try to give them ongoing training.

There’s so much to learn in customer service…

  • How to Say No with an Attitude of YES!
  • How to Convert an Unhappy Customer to a Satisfied One in 8 Easy Steps.
  • How to use the You View in customer communications. (Most people don’t even know what this is, and we teach it in our training workshops. Essentially, it’s learning how to write with a Reader Focus rather than a Writer Focus.
  • How to use the Passive Voice rather than the Active Voice so the customer finds it easier to hear and accept. Most people forget this grammar lesson from the past; in our workshops, we teach it to your people in an easy way to remember.
  • How to interact with a customer in person, face-to-face…
  • On the Phone…
  • And through email

Whew! There’s a lot to continue to learn.

If you think your people might benefit from this kind of ongoing education, please reach out to me so we can discuss co-creating a workshop for them.


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