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Where Does Customer Service Stand in Your Planning?

Where does Customer Service stand in your planning?

We have a strategy, a branding, goals for our operations…but where does our customer service strategy fit in?

Not sure?

Well, it should be in alignment with our Organizational Priorities, our Brand Identity, and our overall Strategy.

What are some examples?

If you look at FedEx, their organizational priorities are to get your package to you when promised, and they put a lot of focus on their processes to make sure that happens. Their brand identity used to be captured in their tagline, When It Absolutely, Positively, Has To Be There Overnight.  Fed Ex’s now uses several taglines in their advertising, including, The World On Time.  But why was the first tagline so powerful, so memorable? Maybe because it aligned with their operational strategies, brand identity, and their customer focus of delivering on the promise of something valued by them: an overnight delivery they can count on.

Disney’s tagline (branding identity) is The Happiest Place on Earth. That’s why their customer strategy of helping their customers have a fantastic experience, a happy experience, is in alignment with both their brand identity and their organizational priorities. You’ve been to Disney…you see how clean they keep their parks and make everything fun for you!

What’s your Customer Strategy?

Is it in alignment with your Organizational Priorities?

Is it in alignment with your Brand Identity?

Is it in alignment with your overall Strategy?


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