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Has Your Customer Become The Enemy?

For a successful business, the strategy is never to intentionally have the customer become the enemy, but unfortunately it does sometimes seep into our companies. You know, those times when you or your employees don’t want to take the call of a difficult customer, or don’t want to deal with a return or refund….things like that….

Why is it important to have good customer service? What is the return on investment for customer service?

Customer service has always been and will always be important, especially for small- to medium-size companies. It is a tool we can use to differentiate ourselves…to set our company apart from the competition.

Sure, there is face-to-face interaction with the customer, but there are also a number of other “touchpoints” along the way where our customer interacts with us. These interactions are “moments of truth” when the customer decides what it is like to experience your company and its service.  These are all instances where the customer mentally gives a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” about your company, based on the experience they are having.

These interactions can happen while they are on your website, getting an invoice or phone call from your accounting department, or even when they enter your reception area. These are all specific portals into the experience of the customer.

What can you do to first of all, map out these touchpoints, and secondly, make sure the customer is being treated well at each touchpoint and having a very positive experience?


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